4 associations that defend basic human needs

Our world today is the result of different wars –many of them were so long and difficult that bringing back peace now has become tough. Indeed, there are many other sources of violence in this world apart from wars, atrocities are committed daily in several parts of the world, profaning human rights: war crimes, physical abuse, torture, child labor, violence against women, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, several organizations have been set up around the world to fight for the right of those who are victims of violation.

Here are some of the major organizations that work for basic human need protection all around the world

1. Amnesty International

The organization is aiming to lead research and to create actions that prevent and put an end to serious human rights violations while requiring justice for victims of rights violations.

Amnesty's speech is disproportionate in relatively more democratic and more open countries, committing to protect people's rights does not mean to produce a series of reports that statistically demonstrate human right violations committed in the world, but to use public opinion pressing to promote improvement.

More than 3 million activists, supporters and members in at least 150 countries and territories are committed to stop the serious consequences of human rights.

2. Global Rights

Global Rights is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) which helps to protect human rights of local activists in Africa, Asia and Latin America to promote and protect marginalized people's rights.

Through technical assistance and a large-scale training, they strengthen partners so they can publish and denounce rights violations, lead activities of community sensitization and mobilization, plead for legal and political reform and offer legal program.

The program's main purpose is deep engagement to increase the access to justice for poor and marginalized groups, to promote women's rights and gender equality and to advance ethnic and racial equality. 

3. HumanRights Watch

In accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, HumanRights Watch is against violations of rights that it considers as basic human rights which include capital punishment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. HumanRights Watch defends liberties linked to basic human rights such as religion and press freedom.

HumanRights Watch publishes researches and reports about violations of human rights on international standard, as mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also other human rights standard that are accepted internationally. These reports are used as bases to catch international attention on abuse and make pressure on governments and international organizations so that reforms will occur.

4. TPRF Foundation

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) whose website https://www.premrawat.com is an organization that fights for the respect of basic human need, especially about food and water.

Prem Rawat Foundation is for example the program initiator of the program called Food for people, which was set up to help poorest people in the world. Sick persons and kids are the main recipients of the foundation and particularly kids and the ill in countries, which are most in difficulty like Ghana and Nepal.


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