How to choose your humanitarian mission?

How to choose your humanitarian mission?

A successful devotion in humanitarian actions, whether it is under a contract, voluntary but oriented toward your abilities, start by analyzing the quality of the activity twinning. Twinning refers to the adhesion of the volunteer to the requirements or criteria to join the mission.

To facilitate the twinning process of the individuals to any kind of humanitarian organizations and missions, it is very important to consider the following factors before choosing which humanitarian assignment to do.

Skills : Identify Your strengths and weaknesses

In order to determine in which country you will be able to use your skills, the first thing to do is to make sure that it is a legitimate organization, that it can impact on the society, and that its needs are specific. Once you are sure about the organization's identity, take your time to consider whether your skills meet the project's requirements. Even if you can rarely come across an organization whose project completely matches your profile, you should be able to find an organization, which requires specific needs matching your skills.

  • Identify the places where you will visit and where you will bring your support,
  • Identify the most touching humanitarian problems (violation of children's rights, patients' rights, prisoners' rights),
  • Identify the languages that you are mostly comfortable to speak. If you are sure that your skills are adaptable to the needs, move ahead and start working in partnership with the organization to have a better idea about the project.

Schedule : plan your program ahead of time

Consider how much time you can allot to the project and how much time the organization will assign to you, you may encounter an obstacle or may want to change the scope of the humanitarian mission. Be available to adapt yourself to the scope of the project or to your own function to fit your schedule. Avoid doing more than you can within a short period of time, or doing less within a long period of time. Either way may eventually make you feel prejudiced against yourself or against the association for which you are working.

When you budget your time, make sure that you allot enough time to accomplish your tasks, to get enough training for the project and to be fully integrated in it, so that the project will continue to operate longer even after your contract has ended.

Sustainable impact

When you look for opportunities, look for an organization which is located in a country you want to visit, especially when you plan to participate in an international mission that definitely requires your skills. In order to keep in touch with the team and the company, it is crucial to conform with the mission requirements and objectives, and bring your support to the local initiative which will help promote the mission of the organization, instead of thinking about your ┬źdream project ┬╗. It is equally important to listen to and engage with the community which you are working with. All in all, they know more about their real needs.

Be on the outlook for the organizations which are interested in your skills and ideas, such as the Prem Rawat foundation. Furthermore, look for a sustainable project which can impact more. At the Prem Rawat foundation, for example, there is a close cooperation with experts and host organizations in order to define an indicator of success which can be measurable within a limited time at the end of the mission, the foundation is totally convinced that the real success will emerge later.


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